Countermeasures against blackjack card-counters


Counting cards in blackjack has become substantially more difficult as a result of casino countermeasures. The most common is the use of more decks, which decreases the player’s advantage, but even in the few remaining single- and double-deck games, dealers … Read More

Common misunderstandings in slot machine


“Hot” and “Cold” machines Standard slot machines do not get “hot” or “cold”. The odds of hitting a winning combination are determined by a random number generator contained in the machine’s software and is exactly the same with every spin. … Read More

Yahoo! in Romania


In accordance with the information published by the Romanian newspaper România Liberă, Yahoo! intends to open a center for software research and development in Romania, and a specific 100% Romanian portal. Zoltan Somodi, a state secretary at the Communication Minister, … Read More

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