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Domains of Translation

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Technical Fields Translation

I have accumulated extensive experience in the translation of complex documents which deal with diverse technological areas.

Software Localization

Software localization is adapting software to operate in a foreign marketplace without compromising its functionality or effectiveness. I have developed a comprehensive software localization process that ensures quality and time effectiveness.


Multimedia material may be one or a combination of the following: text, audio, video or software products. This type of translation and localization requires a more artistic and creative approach.

Successful Web Pages

The goal of a company that uses the World Wide Web as a marketing and sales vehicle is to reach potential clients globally. This goal cannot be attained if most of your potential clients are unable to receive the corporate message. I bridge this communication gap.

Foreign Language Advertising

Whether you are targeting foreign-speaking clientele at home or launching an international ad campaign, I will assist you. I will translate your thoughts and images so that your message remains the same in any language.

I also translate:

  • news stories and press releases

  • product profiles

  • marketing materials and brochures

  • advertisements

  • other types of publications

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