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What is philosophy?

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question-mark-90485Philosophy is one of the main forms of manifestation of the human spirit. The question of how one can define philosophy is itself a philosophical one. For the concept, we can say that philosophy is the study of meaning and justifications or beliefs about the general or universal aspects of things, a study that is not conducted by experiments and careful observation, but by formulating problems and offering solutions, argumentation of solutions and dialectical discussion on all these. Philosophy studies the general concepts such as existence, goodness, knowledge and beauty, asking questions like “What is goodness in general?” or “Is knowledge possible?”. In general terms, the philosophy is the critical, analytical or speculative study of external and internal, in addition to reflective study on the method for the study of such subjects. Currently philosophy is dominated by topics, not systems. The current philosophy is one oriented towards social action, seeking applications in all areas of business and environmental issues.

The proposed perspective of philosophy is one:

  • totalizing (reflecting all human knowledge, objective and subjective reality, meaning of things, issues and phenomena)
  • self-reflective (personal and autonomous reflection aimed at building the self)
  • anthropocentric (knowledge is a relationship between subjective and objective reality)
  • axiological (sets stages and priorities in the development of the meanings).

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