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Across Systems, based in Karlsbad, Germany, and Glendale, California, is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server, an independent technology for the linguistic supply chain. Across Systems, originally a division of Nero AG, was incorporated as Across Systems GmbH in Karlsbad, Germany, in late 2005.[1]

The translation management software provides Computer-assisted translation and includes a Translation memory, a Terminology management system, and project management and translation workflow control tools. It enables customers, agencies, and translators to work seamlessly on the basis of the same data. Open interfaces enable direct integration of corresponding systems like CMS, PIM, or ERP solutions.[2]

Clients include Volkswagen [3] , Wilcox Metrology, Siemens and SMA Solar Technology, among others.

Across Language Server

The core Across product is the Across Language Server, which serves as a central platform for all language resources and translation processes within a company. It provides a singular work environment where all project management functionality, knowledge resources, and personnel, both internal and outsourced, are integrated seamlessly in a continuous, linguistic supply chain. This open architecture platform facilitates integration of customer-specific systems as well as corresponding systems, such as authoring, machine translation or quality assurance and proofing.[4]

The Across Language Server makes language resources and translation processes an integral part of the enterprise IT. It is used for project management and translation of texts such as manuals, marketing documents, Web pages, software GUIs, and online help texts. All parties involved – project managers, internal translators, editors, external localization service providers and freelancers – work in the same embedded community, and therefore have access to the same reference data and translation memory system, and project managers can track status of each project.[5] This consistency of data is designed to increase the quality of documents, enable faster turnaround on translation of materials, and provide productivity increases and cost savings.[3][6]

Across is the only major language tools technology provider whose core business is software development.[7][8] The system is available in the form of a conventional purchased license or, alternatively, as a hosted service based on the ASP or SaaS model. Across software products are sold directly through the company‘s own direct sales representatives, and, to a lesser extent, through authorized partners. Across Systems holds trademark rights for the base products and the most important individual components in Europe, the USA, and Japan.


Across Systems works with multinational enterprise clients and localization service providers, in multiple industries, including companies and organizations that create content and order translations, translation agencies that organize and handle translations on behalf of customers, and freelance translators who do the actual translation work. Across Systems supplies the translation management software but does not have a service bureau that does the translation, therefore it does not compete with its localization service provider customers.


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