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Blackjack for beginners

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Blackjack (black jack) is a very popular card game in casinos.

Blackjack was first introduced in the late eighteenth century under the name “21”. This game is basically based on two card games, “the railroad” and “the French firm”, at the time played in Parisian casinos.

It was then introduced to the United States with little success. To try to attract players, the casino operator invented bonus. Players with an ace of spades and a black Jack earn a bonus which then provides a payment of 10 against 1. So the name of the game comes from that “Black Jack” bonus. We still call this game as well, although this bonus has been changed.


The game opposes all players against the bank. The goal is to beat the dealer without going over 21. When a player is more than 21, is said to “jump” or that “swim”, and he loses his original bet. The value of the cards is as follows:

  • 2 to 9: nominal value

  • each figure and 10: 10 points

  • Ace: 1 or 11 points (your choice)

Blackjack consists of an Ace and a “figure” (card with a value of 10, so 10, J, Q or K). However, if the player reaches the point 21 in 3 or more cards, it is cinsidered as 21 points but not Blackjack; The same applies when the player split two aces and receives a figure for one of them.

Early in the game the dealer deals each player a card face visible to player and also draws a card face visible to him. He then takes one second for each card face and pulls a second card face down for him in American Blackjack. In European blackjack, the dealer draws his second card after the game round players.

Then he asks the first player at the table (player to his left) to select the desired option. If the player wants a card, they must proclaim saying “Card! “. The player may request as many cards as he wants to approach the value without exceeding it. If after the draw of a card, it exceeded 21, he loses his bet and the dealer asks the next player. If he decides to stop, saying, “I stay,” the dealer also goes to the next player.

The dealer repeats this process until all players are served.

Then he played for himself as a simple rule and codified “the bank draws to 16, stay at 17.” Thus, the dealer draws cards until it reaches a value between 17 and 21, called a point number. If it’s over 21, all remaining players win but if his point under or equal to 21, win only those players who earn a point higher than his (without fail). In this situation, the player wins the equivalent of his stake. In case of a tie the player keeps his bet but does not pocket any more. Note that blackjack (an ace and a figure in two cards) is stronger than 21 done by having fired more than two cards. If a player made blackjack and the banker made 21 from 3 or more cards, the player is blackjack and won a half times his bet. The banker wins him against all players with 20 or less. Conversely, if the bank has an ace and a figure, she wins against all player with 21 having fired more than two cards. In this case, if a player is also blackjack, it can recover its but is not paid, the game is tied.

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