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Bovine bingo

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Bovine bingo is a traditional rural fundraising game that is often played at country fetes and summer fairs, usually for fundraising purposes.Bovine bingo is not really a form of bingo, but a form of lottery. The game is set up by marking out a grid of rectangles on an enclosed land area, such as a paddock or farm field. This is usually done by chalking lines. The grid cells are then numbered or otherwise identified in some way, and chances are sold on each cell. A cow (or other livestock animal) is then let loose within the enclosure. Where the first “cowflop” (defecation) lands determines the winner. Another popular variation of this game takes place during parades, usually with horses. Same rules apply, however.

The game is also known as “Cowpie Bingo”, “Fertilizer Lotto”, “Cow Patty Bingo”, “Cow Pat Lottery”, or “Bossy Bingo.”

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