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Contemporary art

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Contemporary art

Contemporary art (from postmodernism to the present) is considered to be the successor of modern art (a period between impressionism and postmodernism). The delimitation is mobile and can take into account radicalization points of plastic language; cubism and later abstract art overturned the way the work was made and perceived.

The period is traversed by a sinuous route of realistic ‘photographic’ representation and ‘cerebral’ representation, in which the sense of the model is more reproduced, or phenomena that escape the senses are explored. Thus, cubism claims that a model has many facets (people have two ears, but the portraits made from the ‘mint’ model presenting the pattern with only one ear) and therefore these faces should be recomposed on the surface of the painting. Modern art will undergo a strong period of abstraction in which forms and colors become the main actors of the work, gliding to abstract art and later to conceptual trends.

Contemporary art represents an amalgam of reactions and currents that invent or reuse the rich heritage of art. It is painting pop, impressionist, expressionist, it is performing abstract art, performance or any other type of art.

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