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Dracula’s Youth

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Vlad Dracul
Vlad Dracul

batDracula was born in November or December of 1431. His given name was Vlad. He had an older brother, Mircea, and a younger brother, Radu the Handsome. Their mother may have been a Moldavian princess or a Tranyslvanian noble. It is said that she educated Dracula in his early years. Later he was trained for knighthood by an old boyar who had fought the Turks.

In late 1436 or early 1437 Vlad Dracul killed a rival prince named Alexandru and became Prince Vlad II.

In 1447, Vlad Dracul and his brother Mircea were murdered. Hungarians put a member of the rival Danesti clan, Vladislav II, on the Walachian throne. Mircea was killed by the boyars and merchants of the Walachian city Tirgoviste. There are different stories about how he died – he may have been tortured and burned, or buried alive. Apparently Dracula’s father died at the same time. Some say that the assassinations were organized by Hunyadi, a Hungarian general who may have been the illegitimate son of Emperor Sigismund

In 1448 Turks freed Dracula and gave him an army. He was seventeen years old.

It seems that Dracula’s little brother Radu chose to remain in Turkey.

  1. Nicolae

    The legend says the name of the first wife of Vlad Tepes was Elizabeth. She born him at least one son, Mihnea the Bad, who would later reign in Romanian Country between 1508 and 1510. According to local legend, she died during the siege of the Poienari Castle, which was surrounded by the Ottoman army led by Radu the Handsome and by the Romans janissaries. An archer, seeing the shadow of Vlad’s wife behind a window, shot an arrow through the main window of the office ruler, with a warning that Radu’s army approaching. Archer was a relative of Vlad Tepes, the ruler of loyalty, he sent the warning despite the fact that he had converted to Islam to escape slavery and execution by the Turks. After reading the message, the wife of Prince fell from the tower into a tributary of the Arges River flowing below the castle, saying she would rather rot or be eaten by the fish of the Arges than be taken prisoner by the Turks. Today, the tributary is called the Lady’s River.

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