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Factors Favoring Growth in the Remote Gambling Market

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At present, remote gambling in the EU, as elsewhere, accounts for a comparatively small percentage of all gambling, perhaps worth €3 billion in annual gross gambling revenues.

However, a number of factors make substantial growth seem inevitable:

  • An increasing proportion of the population have access to the relevant technologies;

  • The technologies are becoming increasingly user-friendly;

  • The technologies are becoming increasingly integrated. For example, a single compact, portable piece of hardware functioning as personal computer, mobile phone and interactive television combined will soon be widely available;

  • These systems have automated and convenient electronic billing systems which make financial transactions increasingly easy;

  • Adult populations in the years to come will increasingly consist of people who have grown up familiar with playing electronic games and utilizing computers in their everyday lives;

  • The ingenuity of existing and emerging technology companies and remote operators is ensuring that more and more games and other vehicles for gambling are available through the new technologies

  • Spending on leisure is increasing

  • Spending on home-based entertainment is increasing.

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