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Fixed-odds gambling – Fractional odds


Favoured by bookmakers within the UK, fractional odds quote the net total which will be paid out towards the bettor, ought to he win, relative to his stake.
 Odds of 4/1 (“four-to-one” or “four-to-one against“) would imply that the bettor stands to create a $400 profit on a $100 stake.
 When the odds are 1/4 (“four-to-one on“), the bettor will make $25 on a $100 stake.
 The bettor usually recieves his original stake back, so when the odds are 4/1 you’d really obtain a total of $500 in return upon winning a $100 bet ($400 plus the original $100.)Odds of 1/1 are frequently known as evens.
 Fractional odds are also referred to as British odds, UK odds or, in some countries, conventional odds.
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