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Inconsolable_griefGrief is a reaction and a feeling of sadness experienced after the death of a loved one. Often associated with suffering, grief is also seen as a necessary process to issue, called resilience. When an event causes a crisis in the life of an individual, a radical change has taken place in the situation previously established. Grief also has the meaning of “permanent loss” of an object to which an individual may hold.

Grief is an active process, called “mourn.” The person in mourning may seem ataractic, and suffer from a depressive state more or less intense, but an inner journey is done. At first, it is not easy to distinguish what is good for the person.

Generally, grief overcomes a critical life event. It is often associated with death, “the death of a perfect image of the parents when they divorced,” “death of trust in a person,” “the death of a relationship upon separation” “someone’s death.” This process can also take action when a loved one is losing his memory or reason. Grief often requires the support of others with empathy (understanding the suffering of others without appropriating or without “suffering with”).

Grief can be achieved through any means of creative expression directly or delegates (construction of monuments, funeral or not, orders of specific works in tribute to the missing person with artists, etc.). Thus, the event is not forgotten but remembered and the pain it has generated fades or disappears.

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