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Hummus (Arabic الحمص and Hebrew חומוס) is a culinary preparation of the Middle East, iconic for Arab countries of the Levant, Turkey and Israel in particular, composed of mashed chickpeas and tahini (sesame paste).

The term “hummus” means “chickpea” in Arabic. The full name of mashed chickpeas with sesame cream is “tahini hummus bil.”

Hummus contains chickpeas which, like all legumes, provide vegetable proteins. Sesame provides a supply of methionine, one of the eight essential amino acids.

This is also rich in fiber food, and fat is mostly monounsaturated.

Chickpeas pureed mixed in tahini. Creamy puree is seasoned with crushed garlic, salt and lemon juice.

Mashed chickpeas is made with olive oil, and the base is often decorated with chopped parsley and paprika .

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