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Impulse purchase

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Impulse purchase or impulse buying is an unplanned purchase decision of a product or service before payment. A person subject to this kind of purchase is called “impulsive buyer.” Research shows that feelings play a decisive role in the purchase, such as a heart stroke on a particular item and view of promos. The markets are trying to take advantage of this type of pulse. Analysis of the purchase helps in guiding the client to a specific product while leaving her free will. Impulse buying is a specific type of purchase that is more common for purchases considered without significant consequences in terms of commitment by the consumer. Impulse buying opposes reflected purchase.

It can be termed spontaneous or remembered. A good example is impulsive purchase of the sweets offered to fund large surfaces. It may also involve an exceptional case in a junk shop because consumers think that if the decision is not taken on the field, the opportunity will not occur again.

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