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Intelligent design argument

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The teleological argument (physico-theological argument, argument from design, or intelligent design argument) is the argument about the existence of God which is based on perceptible evidence of order, intention, design, or direction – or a combination of these – in nature. It relies on the complex aspect of the world that seems to have been designed, and thus would be the goal or purpose of an intelligent being.

This argument was brought up to date by the American creationists, in the form of the Intelligent Design movement.

The argument

Although there are various variants, the argument can be stated as follows:

  1. X is too complex, too orderly, too convenient, too seemingly thoughtful or beautiful to have appeared by chance or by accident.
  2. Therefore, X must have been created by a gifted, intelligent, wise or thoughtful person.
  3. God is a gifted, intelligent, wise or thoughtful being.
  4. Therefore, God exists.

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