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Ion Murgu First Absolute Law of Conservation

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Based on Ion Murgu Condition of Uniform Travel and Pythagorean triple

Based on Ion Murgu Real Magic Angles and Pythagorean triple

A simple analise for The Brachistochrone problem in infinitesimal.

Considering a uniform field and a infinitesimal-infintesiamal tiny particle and a very infinitesimal quadratic area.


Where AC = CB = 4 Linear Space units


Where AC = CB = 4 Linear Space units

To say = time for a ideal particle on ideal case to go from A to B on ACB and T= time on AB(Directly) accepting a single constriction point in C


We meet there 3 cases

t < T  for ACB

t = T for A1CB

t > T for A2CB

All 3 maybe with an important role but very important is the Case t = T for A1CB/

Case t = T for A1CB is very important because is a strong Point for a new Fundamental law of Conservation with a solid Mathematical support.

We concluded the best curvature for a ideal particle is an arc of ellipse and this remain for future dispute and you see the result in image.

In a simple form Ion Murgu Condition of Uniform Travel and Phytagorean Triples was formulated in simple words for a condition, a Condition of complex movement of a elementary particle into atom and external of atom.


Is the Big one, remark for now The proper wave what will help us to make a difference between a particle proper wave and external redundant answer of a external inertial electromagnetic medium.

Then I can to have a dare to say Ion Murgu Condition of Uniform Travel can to be included into first absolute law of matter conservation, law what will know more forms into the future, but I must to start it.

Ion Murgu First Absolute law of Matter Conservation A elementary particle have three fundamental and primordial Physics properties, Inertia, Electric and Magnetic conjectural connected into a ultra dynamic (ultra relativistic) form preserved of Ion Murgu Condition of Uniform Travel between particle and it’s proper wave.

I will keep the right to bring any changes on it and also everybody what will understand will can to bring a change after a friendly and Science based dispute.

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