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Most popular online gambling services in the EU

In 2008, the annual revenues generated by the gambling service sector, measured on the basis of Gross Gaming Revenues (GGR) (i.e. stakes less prizes but including bonuses), were estimated to be around 75,9 bn € (EU 279), showing the economic significance of the sector. On-line gambling services accounted for annual revenues in excess of € 6,16 bn, i.e. 7,5 % of the overall gambling market. This on-line market is the fastest growing segment and is expected to double in size in five years10.

National levels of demand for these on-line services vary across the Union depending on a number of factors. In that respect it is not surprising to see that the UK is the largest market at the current time given that its e-commerce market is twice as large as the average for the Member States11.


Figure 2 The 10 largest national on-line gambling markets in the EU in 2008 (GGR)12.

It is also worth noting that, in 2008, the GGR for on-line gambling (national market) were €5 million or below in six Member States : Luxembourg (5), Lithuania (2), Estonia, Latvia, Malta and Slovenia (1).


Figure 3. Member States wheregross gambling revenues exceed 1% of the national GDP.


Figure 4. Proportion of national gambling consumption attributable to on-line gambling

The Green paper presents a pie-chart describing on-line player activities by product:


Figure 5. Breakdown of the Gross Gambling Revenues by type of on-line gambling service (EU27)

More detailed information by Member State is presented below13:


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