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Movies Set in Las Vegas

Shot Released Title Comments
Ocean’s Eleven
1963 1964 Viva Las Vegas! With Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret starring, this was a perfect postcard from the city of shows and gambling.
1970 1971 Diamonds Are Forever With Sean Connery, Jill St. John, Charles Gray, and Jimmy Dean. James Bond investigates a diamond smuggling pipeline and a reclusive billionaire.
1988 Rain Man Directed by Barry Levinson
1991 Bugsy Directed by Barry Levinson.
1991 1992 Cool World Directed by Ralph Bakshi.
1992 Honey, I Blew Up The Kid
1992 Honeymoon in Vegas Written and directed by Andrew Bergman.
November 22, 1995 Casino
1995 Showgirls Filmed at the Stardust and other locations through out Las Vegas. Directed by Paul Verhoeven
1995 Leaving Las Vegas Nicholas Cage plays an alcoholic who wants to drink himself to death. He spends his last days with a hooker.
1997 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Filmed at the Riviera Hotel and Casino and on the Strip
1997 Vegas Vacation Starring Chevy Chase
1998 Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
1998 Very Bad Things Black comedy directed by Peter Berg. The bachelor party scenes are set in Las Vegas.
2001 3000 Miles to Graceland A gang of criminals dress as Elvis impersonators for a robbery. Kurt Russell played Elvis in a made for TV movie in 1979. Seeing Russell dressed as Elvis again was a treat for many in the audience.
2003 The Cooler Comedy / gangster film about an unlucky man (William H. Macy) hired by a mob-run Vegas casino to kill off the lucky streaks the high rollers.


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