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My predictions come true: a new Las Vegas in Russia

My predictions about the boom of the gambling industry in Russia come true sooner than I expected. Russia’s Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov set up a gambling zone, Azov-City, in the Scherbinovsky district of Krasnodar area and the Azov district of Rostov region. A budget of about 18 billion rubles for tourism and recreation facilities in the South Federal District from 2008 through 2012.

In accordance with Kommersant, the gambling area will cover 20.022 million sq meters, including a portion of the Krasnodar area and the Rostov region in southern Russia.

There will be four gambling zones in Russia by July 1, 2009: the Kaliningrad region, the Altai Republic, the Primorie area and to the territory on the border of the Rostov region and the Krasnodar area.

“We offered the name of Port-Katon but after discussion with the Krasnodar Territory the name of Azov-City has been agreed. We hope it will remain after the government issues a decree on the order of creation of the special gambling zone on the border of the Rostov Region and the Krasnodar Territory” – the Rostov Region economics minister Mr. Victor Deryabkin said.

“The Internal Affairs and Regional development ministries have already given the conclusions. The Economic development and Legal affairs ministries conclusions are left” – the minister stressed.

“By the end of January 2008 they will prepare requirements specification for architectural-planning works and by Summer next year ground areas will be probably given to develop certain objects of the future gambling zone ” – the Rostov Region economics ministry said.

Azov (Russian: Азо́в, IPA: [a’zof]) is a town in Rostov Oblast, Russia, situated on the Don River just sixteen kilometers from the Sea of Azov, which derives its name from the town.

Unfortunately, another prediction come true at the beginning of this year: we will have a bad, if not very bad, year for online gambling. It seems that Russia will ban online gambling, too.

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