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Online gambling technology in EU

The change in information and communications technology is influencing the supply of online gambling services. Online gambling does not only include gambling services offered and used on the internet but any type of gambling using a means of electronic or distance communication (including digital interactive TV, mobile phone technology, telephone and fax).

The provision of remote gambling services through mobile telephone technologies is gaining popularity and market share. In France for example the number of players using mobile phones and tablets has doubled for sports betting, and tripled for poker from 2011. Within a year the number of players using mobile phones for sports betting and poker increased to 15%. 12% of all horseracing bets are done via mobile phones20. Digital interactive TV seems to be an obvious distribution channel for gambling services and with the development of Digital interactive TV services the offer of gambling services through this channel will most probably increase.

The gambling platform hosting the online game of chance is not necessarily provided and managed by the gambling operator dealing with the player but will often be managed and provided by a different operator. The platform operator is providing B2B services to the gambling operator offering the game to the player. It is rather common that the platform is established and authorised in a different jurisdiction than that of the gambling operator. The possible take-up of cloud computing solutions in the gambling sector may add further complexity to this situation. A new and important development is also the offering of games of chance for money or money’s worth in social media networks.

Source: europa.eu

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