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German tradition of the Fichtelgebirge region (the decorating of fountains for Easter with lily stylized flowers and painted eggs) dates back to the Huguenot settlement (reference article in the local press Frankenpost dating Easter 2007).

However the origin of this tradition is highly controversial:

  • Some trace it to a pagan worship of water purification: virgins have decorated fountains, men being banned these ceremonies.

  • According to other sources, Protestants have instead tried to ban the pagan cults so that this tradition continues more than in a mountainous and remote area of the current Bavaria which belonged to Prussia for a long time).

In recent years, some municipalities have discovered the tourist value of this tradition now reappearing in every corner of Germany and until Saar.

One of the city was able to be registered in the Guinness Book of Records with a fountain decorated with more than 11 000 eggs.

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