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Placement of the gastric band via laparoscopic surgery

The surgical insertion of an adjustable gastric band is usually known as a lap band process or band placement. Initial, a little incision (usually much less than 1.25 cm or 0.five in.) is produced close to the belly button. Carbon dioxide (a gas that happens naturally within the physique) is introduced in to the abdomen to make a function space for the surgeon. Then a little laparoscopic camera is placed via the incision in to the abdomen. The camera sends a image from the stomach and abdominal cavity to a video monitor. It provides the surgeon a great view from the important structures within the abdominal cavity. A couple of extra, little incisions are produced within the abdomen. The surgeon watches the video monitor and functions via these little incisions utilizing instruments with lengthy handles to total the process. The surgeon produces a little, circular tunnel behind the stomach, inserts the gastric band via the tunnel, and locks the band about the stomach.

Clinical research of laparoscopic (minimally invasive) bariatric surgery individuals discovered that they felt much better, spent much more time performing recreational and physical activities, benefited from enhanced productivity and financial possibilities, and had much more self-confidence than they did before surgery.

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