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Pot Limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha (also called PLO) is popular in Europe, online, and in high-stakes “mixed games” played in some American casinos. It is more often played high only, but can also be played high low. Even more so than Limit Omaha High Low, PLO is a game of drawing, if you are drawing, to the nut hand. For example, second best flushes and straights can be, and frequently are, beaten. Furthermore, because of the exponential growth of the pot size in pot limit play, seeing one of these hands to the end can be very expensive.


A great hand to have in PLO is the nuts with a redraw. For example, if the board is Q♠ J♠ T♥, and you have A♠ K♣ Q♣ Q♥, then not only do you have the current nuts (your ace-king), but you also have a redraw with the two queens in your hand because if the board pairs, you will make queens full, or four queens. If your hand is A♠ K♠ Q♣ Q♥ , your hand is even better because you have flush and straight flush redraws as well. In fact, with the Q♠ J♠ T♥ board, A♠ K♠ Q♣ Q♥ is approximately an 80-20 money favorite over a random hand containing ace-king.

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