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Publish and design your WordPress site


Publish your work

Syndication: RSS 1.0 (aka RDF), RSS 2.0 and ATOM specifications are fully supported by WordPress, and every page of your weblog may be associated with one of these streams to which your readers can subscribe:: there is one stream for the last posts, for categories, comments, short for anything you want. More options there for your readers to follow the various sections of your weblog, the easier it will be to spread your word in the world. WordPress also supports RSS 2.0 with attachments, you can add mp3 files (as in the podcast) to your feeds with a click.

Cruft-free permalinks: The URLs of all the pages of your weblog may conform to a standard, the cruft-free system, and all links are structured and understandable by humans and machines, including search engines. Clean URLs are essential to optimize research with a search engine and improve user experience.

Cross-blog communication: In a world increasingly inter-connected, WordPress comes with TrackBack and Pingback, two convenient methods for communicating to other weblogs and allow them to do the same.

Customizable design

Design managed by templates: WordPress uses templates to dynamically generate pages. You can control the presentation of content by modifying the templates with the template editor and template tags.

Template and file editor: WordPress comes with a file editor that you can use to edit templates and associated files directly in a browser without having to worry about uploading or downloading.

Template tags: The template tags make it possible to easily publish in page the content and information displayed on your weblog. You do not need to be a PHP pro to format your weblog.

Themes: You can customize your weblog with themes or styles ready for use. You can also create and share your own themes.

Plugins: Plugins can extend the number of features on your weblog. A large number of plugins developed by users are already available and can be used for virtually anything you can imagine with your weblog.

Translated from wordpress.org

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