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Spam reduction tools

  • Mozilla and the stand-alone Thunderbird: e-mail programs (“clients”) with a Bayesian filter, i.e. a filter that keeps learning and is therefore able to adapt to the constantly changing forms of spam
  • Disposable e-mail accounts, various types for registering on web sites etc.
    • E4ward.com You can use your own domain name or e4ward.com for your aliases
      Sneakemail original disposable email address service
      Spamgourmet expire after a number of emails, but can be reset or ignored for some senders
      Jetable expiring in 1-8 days
      Mailinator instant email accounts, self-destructing email after you read it.
      shortMail.net expiring email forwarding accounts, and instant anonymous online email
      SpamDay allows you to create forward addresses and webmail addresses, valid for 24 hours. Support for RSS feed!
      SpamMotel Use it whenever you are required to give out your e-mail address on the internet.
      ipoo.org Signups without spam. Fast, no ads. Includes RSS to check your SPAM inbox.
  • Tools to filter out spam
    • Bogofilter Statistical filter (not strictly Bayesian)
      Firetrust MailWasher Pro. Removes spam while it is still on your POP3 server.
      Hexamail Guard – Anti-spam gateway software
      iMailLight smart plugin for Outlook, based on Bayesian filtering
      SpamAssassin heuristic filter
      CRM114 Uses a hidden Markov model to classify spam
      SpamBayes Bayesian filter using ideas improving Paul Graham’s ideas.
      Spamihilator Free antispam program with a good-working bayesan filter and a lot of other filters plugins. It works with almost all email program.
      SpamPal Free Windows filter with lots of filtering methods. Client or server-side filtering.
      TMDA, a challenge/response system
      trimMail Inbox – Anti-spam firewall
      Checksum-based filter:
      Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse
      Vipul’s razor
  • Tools to filter out viruses
    • Clam antivirus
  • Contact forms that hide email addresses
    • Contact Form – Open source (GPL) – Requires a webserver, Perl, and Sendmail
      form2mail – Open source (GPL) – Requires a webserver, PHP, MySQL, and SendMail
      MailWebForm Open source (GPL)- Requires Java, Java Servlets, and Java Mail
      SCForm – Open source (GPL) – Requires a websever, PHP and Sendmail
  • Other tools
    • Sam Spade program with tools
      SpamCop a place to report spam
  • Services which guarantee messages as not being spam:
    • Habeas Sender Warranted Email
      Bonded Sender
  • Making it harder to harvest e-mail addresses
    • Project Honey Pot
      address-protector.com A service to protect email addresses with image and audio captchas
      SpamFreeze allows users to post a URL online instead of their email address

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