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Tips for London tourists


The best universities of London are:

  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE’s Old Building, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LSE_main_entrance.jpg)

  • Imperial College
  • City University est excellente pour le journalisme.
  • SOAS
  • King’s College
  • University College London

They are generally very international. Thus, half of the LSE students are non-British.


Harrods (Harrods)

The currency is the pound (symbol £). € 1 is equivalent to £ 0.85. (07/08/16)

In northeast, Camden Town is worth the trip: you will find many clothes shops in all styles. It’s the junk/punk neighborhood of London. Sights: the Cyberdog shop.

Even if you do not intend to buy, have a look at Hamleys (toys paradise), Harrods, Selfridges, BlueWater, Carnaby sStret, Regent Street and Oxford Street.


London is one of the European capitals where one can easily make a culinary world tour. In restaurants, the prices are higher than in the rest of Europe.

To eat English food, go in a pub. The best were baptized “gastropub” (which does not mean that they will necessarily catch a gastro). The pubs in the Wetherspoon chain offering decent food at competitive prices. In Chinatown, the Chinese Experience (Shaftesbury Avenue) is recommended. To a mixture of Thai and pub, do not miss the famous Churchill Arms (Notting Hill metro).

The national and most convenient dish is the fish and chips. This consists of a fish (cod or haddock usually …) taken in fried and topped with fried dough … then sprinkled with malt vinegar. In case the fish and chips is served on a plate,  peas is accompanying it. It is also possible to eat this dish with tartar sauce (and what a delight …) offered in a mini-tray. An ideal choice when you want to eat without wasting time and not too expensive.

Former colony of the British Empire, India brings his kitchen in many corners of the city. However, there is a favorite spot, Brick Lane, in East London (Aldgate East underground), where many Indian and Pakistani restaurants compete aggressively to attract customers. Choose well your restaurant or your stomach might not forgive you!

Brick Lane (Curry restaurants in Brick Lane, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Brick_Lane.JPG)

What to do


The so famous and countless British pubs are numerous in London. To cool or drink, these are the places with the typical atmosphere of the English bars! Must be 18 to drink alcohol. For visitors from America, remember that there is no tip here. It is customary to offer a consumer to the barman/barmaid for larger orders. Several pubs have gardens or terraces at the rear. These locations are often accessible to children of all ages.

Public events

Events, festivals, public concerts, parades, exhibitions entertainment, parade, shows, etc. are organized in London


  • 12 Bar Club – offers several concerts every night of the week.
  • Absolut Ice Bar – near Piccadilly Circus, to see at least once: a bar made entirely of ice. It lends you gloves and a cape at the entrance and you drink in big ice glasses. Quite expensive and complicated (it is often necessary to book in advance and sometimes you can stay only 40 minutes), it is however a visit for the novelty!
  • Barts – located on Sloane Avenue in Chelsea, you need to find the door and ring the bell to enter. Inside everything is retro style, decoration, music. Food and cocktails are served from 17 pm each day.
  • Vinyl Bar, 6 Inverness Street, Camden – With vinyls shop in the basement, the chef offers cocktails, concerts, art exhibitions, with a very warm welcome.


  • Koko – Centennial scene, renovated.

  • O2 Arena – is located near the docks, for large events.


  • Ministry of Sound – Surely the most famous nightclub in London. Usually goes drum’n’bass, dubstep, house …
  • Fabric – Another famous nightclub.

  • m2

Royal Observatory, Greenwich (

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