YvonneYvonne was a little girl who could not sit quietly at the table. She squirmed, she bent to the right, left, forward, backward; she came down from his chair to play with the dog Fido or she took the cat Minouche on her lap.

Her mother scolded her, her father was punishing her, but Yvonne was not corrected.

One day, it was a Sunday, there was a very good lunch, a chocolate cream and lots of cakes.

Yvonne had promised to be good, because she would not be deprived of dessert.

At first all went well. But gradually the little girl was taken over by his bad habit: she rocked in his chair forward and backward, while the dog Fido and the cat Minouche looked at her with an air of saying:

Beware! Take care! We know someone who will fall.

And indeed, suddenly, she lost her balance. She wanted to hold on to the table; She clung to the table, and boom! All she leaned back in his chair and, everything, dishes, bottles, glasses, forks and cream. She had sore arms and legs, and had to be taken in bed

Medoro and Minouche first lamented, then they consoled themselves by eating under the table the cream and cakes.

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