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There are free banner exchange programs and those where you purchase by number of exposures of your banner. The purchased programs do not require any reciprocal banner to be displayed at your site.

Commercial Banner Exchange 

These sites are in the business of providing banner exchange and purchased exposure services. In an exchange, you provide a banner that advertises your site/product – For every showing of a banner on your site, these exchange services will display your banner on on of their customer sites. The ratio usually is two to one. For every two showings on your site, your banner is displayed once somewhere on one of their other customer Web Sites.

Private Banner Exchange 

Similar to the above but here you simply agree to display the banner of another Web Site if they agree to do the same with your banner.

Purchased Exposures Banner 

You can purchase services that will display your banner for a specific number of times on several sites or on one commercial high traffic site or any of the search engine sites. Your fees usually create the revenue that supports the free services offered that attract traffic to these commercial sites.

To participate in these banner exchange programs requires creation of a linkage icon advertising your site, submitting it to the exchange site, and modifying your Web Site pages to display the reciprocal advertising link banner and posting code to capture the credits to your account at the exchange.

There are usually options and standards required to participate in the exchange banner programs. Some programs allow you to select the types of banners your will allow to be displayed on your site and the type of sites on which you would have your banner shown.

Here is how we can set you up to drive some traffic to your site.

  • Arrange for a Banner Exchange with one or more exchange sites, using a different site to place the banner.

  • Create the standard exchange Banner that will advertise your site and allow viewers to “Click” to your site pages.

  • Modify your Web Site Page(s) HTML code, test their operation and reload the modified pages to your ISP site.

  • Create your banners and act as your broker to purchase exposures at heavy traffic sites.

My banners are designed to produce sales, build brand awareness and increase sales leads. They come in standard banner sizes and in static or animated format. Consultation to discuss your advertisement strategies and objectives is included in the basic development cost.

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