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Translation Service FAQ

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Q: How do I send documents for translation?

A: E-mail your requests for translation along with your document to nicolae@sfetcu.com.  If you prefer to fax, dial +(40-352) 419 768.  If you email the document you are guaranteed a prompt confirmation and estimation.

Q: How fast do you translate?

A: I work with your schedule to provide the quality and speed you require.  I recognize that people live according to a global time frame now, and translation needs are often unpredictable.  Therefore, timing depends on the company and project.  However, 24-hour service is available at a modest additional charge provided the document is a maximum of 3000 words.  Your document will arrive formatted, edited and within your designated time frame because I am committed to your success.

Q: What does your service include?

A: A translation from me consists of three parts: the language work, formatting/editing, and cultural explanations.  The first one may be obvious, but it comprises several key elements.  My work mimics the tone, style and meaning of the original language so that you understand the document as the author wrote it.  I edit and format all projects with professional quality, and I always consult with you beforehand to maximize time and accuracy.  No surprises!  Lastly, cultural explanations help you understand any subtle language or types of references that may not translate well, i.e. figures of speech or slang terms.  Attention to all aspects of your document make me the premiere service for your global communication needs.

Automated Computer Translation vs. The Human Element

Websites offering free, computer-generated translations can be tempting, especially if you have never needed language work done before now.  However, before you decide on quick fixes know what to expect.

Automatic Computer Translation

  • free for small phrases
  • provides the „gist”
  • instantaneous only for small amounts of text
  • no additional help given, i.e. cultural explanations

My Service

  • 5 cents per word
  • precise, coherent translation
  • fast turn-around on all documents
  • customer service includes cultural explanations at no additional charge.

Cultural explanations (as mentioned above) include any noticeable tones, figures of speech, geographic idiosyncrasies, cultural humors and overall feel of the document.  While business texts may seem succinct , you still benefit from knowing what the tone entails so that you can readily respond.  Personal documents especially need a watchful translation so you don’t miss a thought or cause undue worry over confusing phrases.  I can help you respond if you need advice – all part of the customer service package.

Automated translation can only take you to the edge of global communication.  I will help you break your language barriers by providing one-stop service tailored to your needs.

Contact me for your estimate today.

Customer Support Center

  • translation
  • formatting
  • proofreading
  • editing
  • web design issues


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