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Anaconda Poker

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Anaconda is a variety of the card game Poker, also called “Pass The Trash Poker.”

Simple Play

This version of the game is also called “3-2-1 Anaconda” or “3-2-1 Left.”

Each player is dealt 6 cards. They then each select 3 cards to be passed to the player on their left. These cards are simply set on the table near their left-most opponent. No players get to see their new 3 cards until everyone has made a pass. Afterward, the players repeat the process, only with 2 cards, then again with 1 card. Players then discard 1 card to make their best 5-card Poker hand.

In this version of the game, up to 8 people can play, passing out a total of 48 cards and having 4 left over. A 9th person can be added with the use of both Jokers as Wild cards.


Betting can be included in the simple version of the game. Set up general Poker staples such as the dealer button, blinds, and/or antes. Have a round of betting occur before the first pass of 3 cards, then again after every card pass is made, and ending with a showdown if necessary. If a player folds at anytime, then they are no longer involved in card passing.


Anaconda can be changed in many possible ways, such as:

  • Altering the amount of starting cards (7 cards is common).
  • Altering the amount of cards passed.
  • Altering who the cards are passed to, possibly per round.
  • Incorporating Joker cards.
  • Including only one betting round & showdown after all passing rounds.
  • Removing all betting rounds and playing without money/chips.

This guide is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia.

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