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Anchor store

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The anchor tenants (anchor business, anchor store) is the main or a major business within a commercial property. The term is preferably in the context of retail properties and shopping centers used in which the anchor tenant of the customer traffic bearer for the entire object.

The anchor tenant has an above-average customer traction and is therefore also called a solenoid operating. The positioning within the real property plays an important role, because benefit from the attractive force of the anchor tenant, for the the other, smaller shops. The typical mall, which consists of a shopping mall with small shops between two anchor tenants, goes back to the idea of Victor Gruen.

Economically, the anchor tenant is the (at larger centers also multiple) frequency-making workhorse. Also, due to the usually large rental space the rents of anchor tenants are comparatively low, so that the economic benefits for the owner mainly from the other rental space is generated. Its function as an anchor tenant unfold this example at the end of a long row of shops, whereby the lower rent is justified by the (lower) position. For new projects, the anchor tenant must first be bound, as the blank and the assignment of the remaining areas (sectors) directed by him. Anchor tenants are often large department stores, electronics retailers or large textile traders and often even involved as investors in the projects.

The anchor tenant is therefore also a weak point in the economy of a shopping center. The extract of an anchor tenant can quickly lead to the other tenants due to low customer frequency also pull that revenues do not cover the costs or short term a new anchor tenant (often unfavorable for the center conditions) must be tied to the effects mentioned to be avoided. Therefore, the management of the centre may pressure an anchor tenant to enforce their own goals.

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