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Blind man’s bluff poker

Blind man’s bluff is a version of poker which is unconventional in that each person sees the cards of all players except his own.The standard version (also called Indian poker) is simply high card. Each player is dealt one card which he places on his forehead facing outwards, and a round of betting occurs, as players attempt to guess if they have the highest card based on what they see around them.

Other versions (forehead stud) are variations on stud poker, in which one or more of the hole cards is hidden from its owner, but shown to all other players, as above.

During its coverage of the 2004 World Series of Poker, ESPN showed a Blind Man’s Bluff version of Texas hold’em.

Indian Poker is also an adapted drinking game, where the loser has to “chug” a beer for X seconds, where X equals the difference between the high card and the loser. If both players tie, they both drink for the amount of seconds on the card.

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