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Burn cards in poker

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In poker card game, a playing card is called “burned” if it is removed from play.

Face down burn card

When burning a card

The person who handles the cards (donor or dealer) is responsible for removing from play the top card of the pack, face down, putting it in the midst of  the table before each round where one or more cards should be either distributed to the players or shown face up.

But not in the first round.

In Texas Hold’em, a card will be burned before the flop, one before the turn and one before river

In seven card stud, a card will be burned before distributing the fourth card to everyone (in the second round distribution), a new one third round, and so on.

Why burn a card

The main reason for this operation is to prevent a form of cheating. The goal is to prevent a player who spotted or created a mark on the back of the card that will be served, to recognize this card and play based on this information.

Burn card face up

This case does not occur in a normal way, but when, by mistake, the person responsible for distributing committed the blunder to reveal a card of the game to one or more players while bidding have already begun.

The card is then shown to everyone and placed face up in the middle of the table.

This can also occur when a player commits this awkwardness and reveals his private card, this card is then “burned” face up in the middle of the table and the player is forced to abandon the round without regaining his chips already bided .

This rule is applied less and less, knowing that it is to the advantage of the other players, on the sole condition that it is not voluntary.

If the bidding does not begin, however, the distributor gets all cards and resumes the dealing.

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