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Christmas food

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Stollen-Dresdner_ChriststollenA list of Christmas dishes as eaten around the world.


  • Cougnou (or cougnolle), sweet bread in the form of the infant Jesus


Czech Republic

The traditional meal (served as the dinner on the Christmas Eve) consists of fish soup and fried fish (most often, carp) served with potato salad. It should be the first food consumed that day.

Before the Christmas holidays, many kinds of sweet biscuits are prepared.


  • Apple dumplings (Æbleskiver) sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with strawberry marmalade
    Boiled potatoes
    Brown sauce (Brun sovs)
    Browned potatoes (Brunede kartofler)
    Christmas beer (Juleøl)
  • Glogg (Gløg)
  • Rice pudding with almonds (Risalamande) served with cherry sauce (kirsebærsauce)
  • Roast duck (Andesteg) served with apples and prunes
    Red cabbage (Rødkål)


  • Freshly salted salmon (Graavilohi)
  • Rosolli salad of pickled herring and boiled vegetables (Rosolli)
  • Baked ham with mustard (Kinkku)
  • Turkey (Kalkkuna)
  • Raw-pickled slightly salted salmon (Kylmäsavuohi)
  • Carrot Casserole (Porkkanalaatikko)
  • Potato Casserole (Perunalaatikko or tuuvinki)
  • Swede pudding, rutabaga casserole (Lanttulaatikko)
  • Liver Casserole (Maksalaatikko)
  • Mixed fruit soup or prune soup (Sekahedelmäkiisseli, luumukiisseli)
  • Rice pudding or rice porridge with cinnamon, sugar and cold milk or with mixed fruit soup (Riisipuuro)
  • Glogg or mulled wine (Glögi)
  • Prune jam pastries (Joulutortut)
  • Gingerbread, sometimes in the form of a Gingerbread house or Gingerbread man (Piparkakut)



  • Pfeffernüsse
  • Glühwein
  • Lebkuchen
  • Christstollen
  • Hexenhäuserl
  • Springerle
  • Plätzchen



  • Christmas cake – Different from a U.K. Christmas cake or American fruitcake, the Japanese Christmas cake is usually sponge cake frosted with whipped cream, and topped with strawberries.

Contrary to popular myth and KFC advertisements, chicken karaage (fried chicken) is not a traditional Christmas meal in Japan. The Christmas holiday in Japan is akin to the Valentine’s Day holiday in countries like America, often celebrated by couples with meals in upscale restaurants. As such, there is no specific traditional meal.


12-dishes Christmas Eve Supper plays the main role in Lithuanian Christmas tradition. Thus the traditional dishes are served on December 24th.

  • Poppy milk (aguonų pienas)
    Slizikai (šližikai’)
    Auselės (Deep fried dumplings)
    Herring with carrots (silkė su morkomis’)
    Herring with mushrooms (silkė su grybais’)

New Zealand

  • Pavlova




  • Fish soup (for the Christmas Eve)
  • Koljivo
  • Česnica



  • Köttbullar – Swedish meatballs
    Julskinka – Christmas ham
    Inlagd sill – Pickled herring (you usually have all different kinds of sill as well)
    Julbord – Christmas smorgasbord (julbord really means all the dishes you eat at christmas together)
    Rödkål – Sweet and sour red cabbage
  • Julmust – A traditional very sweet stout-like, Christmas soft drink
  • Glögg Mulled wine
  • Knäck – Christmas toffee
  • Prinskorv – Small sausages
    Revbensspjäll – Meat on bones
    Pepparkaka – Gingerbread
    Gravad lax – Graved salmon
    Julost – Christmas cheese
  • Julgröt – Rice pudding

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the traditional meal consists of roast turkey or goose, served with roast potatoes and other vegetables, followed by Christmas pudding, a heavy boiled pudding made with dried fruit (traditionally plums) and flour.

United States

  • Apple cider
  • Candy canes
  • Champagne, or sparkling apple cider
  • Christmas cookies
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Eggnog
  • Fruitcake
  • Gingerbread, often in the form of a Gingerbread house or Gingerbread man
  • Honey ham
  • Hot chocolate
  • Marzipan
  • Pie
  • Roast turkey, less often roast duck or roast goose
  • Smithfield ham, often served on a biscuit or a roll
  • Stuffing also known as Dressing in the Southern United States


  • Hallaca
  • Pan de jamón (ham-filled bread)

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