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Churches in Drobeta Turnu Severin

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 catolica The Catholic Church

Who visits the city of Severin will be pleased to enter the spiritual foundations of the Danubian town. The first church was erected in Turnu Severin by its own founders, Major Ion Ciupagea and his wife Dumitrana who were favoured by some governmental help. This building was altered several times between 1872-1906.

 maioreasa The Maioreasa Church

As for the ,,Grecescu” church, it was built in the proximity of the hospital with the same name, in the western area of the town. Its founders, Ioan Stoian Grecescu and his wife Ioana gave this magnificent church their name and chose ‘St. John the Baptist’ to be its patron. Its value and beauty are given, among other things, by its inside painting, Gheorghe Tatarescu’s creation dating from 1872. Two local art teachers skillfully cleaned the painting twice: Alexandru Rasmerita in 1898 and Theodor Zarnea in 1908. The roof of the church which was initially made of copper sheets was torn off by the German invaders in 1917. The present roof was restored in 1920.

 grecescu The Grecescu Church (1868 – 1872)

An European town from its very beginning, Turnu Severin was a perfect host for all those who were interested in commerce and it accepted within its bounderies inhabitants belonging to other religions. different from the orthodox one: catholic, Israeli, evangelist. Their representatives erected their own prayer and workship places, schools and cemeteries.

 sinagoga The Synagogue

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