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Computer science

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Computer science is a scientific, technical and industrial field  for the automatic processing of information through the execution of computer programs by machines: embedded systems, computers, robots, controllers, etc.

These scopes can be separated into two branches, one theoretical in nature, concerning the definition of concepts and models, and the other of a practical nature, which focuses on practical techniques of implantation and implementation on the ground. Some areas of computing can be very abstract, such as algorithmic complexity, and others may be closer to a lay audience. Thus, languages remains a theory more accessible to professionals trained field (description of computers and programming methods), while occupations related to human-machine interfaces are accessible to a wider audience.


The term “computer science” refers to the origin of all activities related to the design and the use of computers to process information. In the US academic vocabulary, it mostly refers to theoretical computer science: a set of formal sciences which are designed to study the concept of information and automatic methods of treating it, the algorithmic. By extension, the application of computational methods may involve ancillary issues such as signal processing, computability or information theory.

“Computer science is no more the science of computers than astronomy is one of the telescopes.”

– Hal Abelson

By its applications, the implementation of methods from computer science gave birth in the 1950s to the sector of information technology and communications. This business sector is related to both processes (software, system architectures) and hardware (electronics, telecommunications). Additional area provides many services related to the use of its products: development, maintenance, education, support, monitoring and maintenance.

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