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Conference interpretation methods

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The interpretation allows people who do not speak the same language to communicate. This activity is carried out in different ways depending on the context of the exchange: conference interpreting in a court liaison , social , etc. .

Unlike translators working on writing, interpreters must return as soon as possible fugitives messages, with little time for reflection and looking stylish.

Methods of interpretation

  • In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter reproduces the full speech after the intervention ended, possibly by using single notes, often signs (sign type) if possible secondment of a linguistic system. Due to time constraints, it is rare that this technique is used when there are more than two active languages.
  • In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter installed in a soundproof booth equipped with a special console, hears through headphones while translating the speech orally progressively into a microphone. Some language combinations have particular difficulties. For example , the essential information to start a French phrase often comes at the end of a sentence in German (verb, negation etc. . ), which makes it necessary to speak with a whole sentence offset by compared to the original, which is not necessarily the case between two Romance languages. Because of the intense level of concentration required, interpreters work in pairs and take turns every 20-30 minutes. A good team will share the work, the interpreter paused preparing such documents processed during the meeting for his colleague.
    • The whispering is a variant of simultaneous interpretation without technical device. The interpreter following interventions room and translated by whispering in the ear of his or her delegate(s).
  • The social interpretation is characterized by its informal setting (meetings, visits …). The interpreter works most of the time without taking notes, memorizing short passages and restoring them in the target language.

The interpretation in sign language is used for communication between deaf and hearing. It is simultaneously or consecutively.

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