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Consumer protection

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Consumer protection The consumer law is the law governing the relationship between consumers and professionals.

The consumer law belongs to the sphere of private law. It departs sharply classic civil law Civil Code. Thus, under the influence of consumer law, freedom of contract is not full, as a contractor (the consumer) can criticize a stipulation and obtain judicial annihilation (unwritten deemed) when he accepted the contract knowingly.

The consumer law is often referred as unclear and highly technical law. Its main purpose is to protect the consumer in order to make the act of safer consumption. Thus, beyond simply protecting a reputable small part, the consumer law also aims to promote the development of consumption in the context of a market economy. Code is added to the jurisprudence.

Great originality of consumer law is also to require the trader to give the consumer a cooling off period or withdrawal from the contract is signed and takes effect or in other cases before the signature (and for the mortgage). On this model, the legislature imposes deadlines for reflection and withdrawal in areas outside of consumer law as in real estate sales. Note, however: There is no time limit reflection or withdrawal by law. This effectively means that all purchases made on the premises of a professional is final, even if the consumer has not measured the scope of its decision to purchase (except in the case where the book sale is running a doorstep home phone or a mailing). A party does not have the power to destroy the past contract, except to demonstrate to the judge that there is a defect of consent.

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia under GNU Free Documentation License.

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