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Cyanide extraction of gold is starting in Romania. Rand Refinery comes into play.

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While environmental activists all eyes are fixed upon Rosia Montana gold mining in Romania to stop it, Eldorado Gold Corporation is working quietly and efficiently.

In December 2013 the company received environmental approval for cyanide gold mining in Certej , Hunedoara, Romania, and soon it will start the exploitation.

Estimated production at Certej is 4 tons of gold and 20.5 tons of silver per year, for which will be used 1,600 tons of cyanide annually, on an area of 450 hectares.

Eldorado Gold Corporation is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, with over 20 years in the mining business, and with assets in Turkey, China, Greece, Brazil and Romania. Eldorado owns and operates seven gold mines. The company operates as a decentralized business unit, with most employees and managers who citizens of countries where are located the offices.

Meanwhile, the largest supplier of gold in the world, South African Rand Refinery Company, is preparing to enter the Romanian market. Since its establishment in 1920, Rand Refinery refined about 30% of all refined gold existing in the world.

In recent years, in addition to gold refining, company makes a wide range of value-added products, including molded bars, coins, coin blanks and medallions, and semi-finished products for the jewelry industry.

Note that the area of operation of Eldorado Gold Corporation overlaps a protected area included in the European network of protected areas, Natura 2000 .

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