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e-Books or paper books?

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The digital format provides some features including the ability to carry an entire library with you, enlarge the font size, search for words throughout the text, using hypertext navigation features, highlight passages, add personal notes and bookmarks and seek internal dictionary or listen to text by voice synthesis, check the internet and listen to audio files. In 2012 many e-readers are equipped with a touch screen and Wi-Fi.


  • Size and weight, allowing significant portability
  • Comfortable reading
  • Storage capacity
  • Choice of style and format
  • Price
  • Autonomy
  • Large library available
  • Features (zoom, dictionary …)
  • Free books in the public domain


  • Playing surface (for certain the screen is too small)
  • Not suitable for reading comics, manga, interactive books …
  • No loan book
  • No reading color
  • Loss of sensation to touch paper
  • Risk of failure, or other technical problem

Environmental impact

The environmental impact of the production and use of e-readers is still difficult to estimate. If they reduce paper consumption, production and recycling are a source of pollution (gray energy), their use in turn requires a power source.

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