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epubFilename extension: .epub
Internet media type: application/epub+zip (unofficial)
Developed by: International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)
Initial release: September 2007
Type of format: e-book file format
Contained by: OEBPS Container Format (OCF) (ZIP)
Extended from: Open eBook, XHTML, CSS, DTBook
Open format: Yes

EPUB (short for “electronic publishing”, sometimes typeset “ePub”, “EPub” or “epub”) is an open standard format for digital books. Proposed by the IDPF, these files have the extension .epub.


EPUB is designed to facilitate the layout of the content, the text displayed is adjusted for the type of playback device. It is also designed as the only format that can both satisfy publishers for internal purposes and distribution. This format includes the Open eBook standard.

The latest standardized EPUB3, is based on HTML5, which opens the door to many extensions. It offers new features such as support for the display of all languages, a specific space for metadata, a development of interactivity for adding rich content (graphics, typography, multimedia).

Books in EPUB3 format can know the features of the player using JavaScript epubReadingSystem specialized class, it allows them to tailor content to the product.

Various applications can create EPUB files directly or from files in other formats.

Reading material

Except for the Amazon Kindle, all eReaders are compatible with EPUB format. Various reading applications supporting the EPUB are also available for personal computers, tablets and smartphones. In 2013 the EPUB3 was little used and supported.


eReaders compatible with EPUB  format:

  • OyO (France Loisir et Chapitre.com)
  • FnacBook (Fnac)
  • BeBook Club, Neo, One, Mini (BeBook)
  • Cybook Gen3, Cybook Opus, Cybook Orizon, Cybook Odyssey (Bookeen)
  • Boox (Onyx)
  • Cool-er (Interead)
  • eSlick (Foxit) (†)
  • Hanlin eReader
  • Hanvon N516, N518, N520, N526
  • iRex Digital Reader 1000
  • Nook 1st edition, Nook Color et Nook Touch (Barnes & Noble)
  • Plastic Logic
  • iRiver Story
  • PlayBook
  • Sony Reader
  • Archos 70 IT, 101 IT
  • Tabbee S
  • Samsung E60
  • Kobo Touch (ou Kobo by Fnac), Glo, Mini, Aura HD, Aura
  • PocketBook 360 Plus, PocketBook Touch 622, PocketBook Pro 912, PocketBook Pro 603
  • Difrnce EBT721, EBT720, EBT715TFT, EBT710TFT, EB6150, EB6100
  • ENERGY EREADER (Energy Sistem)

Smartphones and tablets

  • Smartphones and tablets with Android system (using Aldiko, CoolReader, FBReader, Mantano Reader, etc.).
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (using Lexcycle Stanza, Glider or iBooks from iOS 4).
  • Phones with Windows Mobile operating system (using Freda).
  • Phones with Windows Phone operating system (using Bookviser).
  • N900 phone and tablet N810 / N800 / 770 Maemo.
  • Phones with Bada OS (Samsung) using LacViet Reader (available in Samsung Apps)

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