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EU gambling market

europeThe online gambling services sector accounts for 10.9% of the gambling market share in the EU with a growth rate for 2015 double of 2008, which stood at €6.6 billion. In parallel, online technology is developing at a face pace. A large number of Member States has engaged in a review of gambling legislation particularly over the last few years.

Given the cross-border nature of online gambling improving and sustaining the protection of consumers and the regulatory environment is in the interest of all Member States. This is achievable by the Member States and the EU working together.

Against this backdrop the Commission launched a Green Paper1 in March 2011 primarily aimed at obtaining a facts-based assessment of the EU online gambling market and of the different national regulatory frameworks of the Member States.

The supply of online gambling services is influenced by evolving information and communications technology. It includes forms of gambling using means of electronic or distance communication such as digital TV, mobile phone technology, telephone and fax.

It is within this context that the present staff working document addresses the challenges in the EU. An Action Plan, seeking to enhance legal clarity and establish policies based on evidence, identifies the prevailing issues across the Member States, examines the shortcomings and explores solutions for:

– compliance of national regulatory frameworks with EU law

– enhancing administrative cooperation and efficient enforcement

– protecting consumers and citizens, minors and vulnerable groups

– preventing fraud and money laundering

– safeguarding the integrity of sports and preventing match-fixing

Source ec.europa.eu

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