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European Parliament’s translation conference

Bucharest, Mar 30, 2005

The European Parliament’s Directorate General for Translation and Publishing, in cooperation with all other EU Institutions organized a conference in Bucharest in view of the forthcoming accession of Romania to the European Union in 2007.

As a company that offers its recognized services in the translation domain, MultiMedia was invited to participate to this conference.

The MultiMedia representative was informed about the translation processing both in general at the European Parliament and in the other Institutions, and regarding the calls for tenders for external translation.

By participating to that event, MultiMedia is now capable to upgrade its services in order to correspond to the general needs of the Institutions in the European Union.

More information on this subject will be available soon on the MultiMedia site.

Diana Sfetcu
Translator, MultiMedia SRL
Tel: 0040 723 239830
E-mail: diana@mehedinti.info

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