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Games and traditions with Easter eggs

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Egg hunting

The “egg hunt” is an old tradition.

In Alsace, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, in most Länder, Easter eggs are brought by the Easter bunny (Osterhase). In fact, the rabbit, very prolific in the spring, is probably a symbol of fertility prior to Christianity.

This rabbit tradition bringing Easter eggs emigrated to Brazil where it is still alive; Originally held in the German-Swiss immigration, started by the King of Portugal in 1818 and continued in 1824 with 400 German immigrants by the wife of the first Emperor of Brazil, who was Austrian Archduchess (Maria Leopoldine of Austria ).

In Bavaria, the rabbit is replaced by a cock, in Thuringia is a fox, in the area of Hanover is a cuckoo, in Tyrol is the chicken, and in Westphalia is the fox.

Among Catholics, the bells stop ringing from Mass Thursday before Easter, known as “Holy Thursday” in mourning for the death of Christ. We re-hear at the end of the Easter Vigil, which precedes the Easter Day itself. Tradition says that the bells do not sound because they are gone in Rome. They come back in the night, loaded with chocolate eggs they flow into the gardens. The next day, children go for sweets that are hidden there.

Some municipalities organize eggs hunts for adults on Easter weekend in a limited space (usually wood), they must find the most eggs before a given time. All eggs are not equal, and some allow you to win great prizes.

Egg rolling

In England, Germany, and other countries, children traditionally rolled eggs at Easter to the bottom of the hill. This tradition, as well as others, such as the Easter Bunny, was carried to the New World by European settlers.

In 1880, Lucy Webb Hayes instituted the custom of giving a race with egg on the lawn of the White House.

Egg battles

The custom of egg battle is as prevalent in the countries of Orthodox tradition. After the celebration of Holy Saturday at the church, at the family meal, each chooses a decorated eggs. Two by two, each strike against the egg that of the other. The winner is the one who manages to keep his egg intact, egg winner is also considered a lucky sign.

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