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Google AdSense

Google_Adsense_logoAdSense is Google’s advertising system using web sites or YouTube videos as support for its ads. To become an AdSense partner and generates advertising revenue for its own account, webmasters should publish content on its own sites and include the code provided by Google AdSense.

In contrast to Google Adwords that allows to buy traffic, AdSense allows to sell traffic. Both programs will therefore work hand in hand and the unit value of a click on an ad is determined on the basis of the offered traffic (AdSense) and traffic demand (Adwords).

AdSense user can also publish content on its YouTube channel and subscribe to the AdSense program to generate advertisements based on views and clicks, and will share the profit with Google.

The ads are usually contextual, but several options are available, as well as several types of ads including sponsorships of Google products and the search field. The ads are text, images or videos.

AdSense for Search

As part of a search using the Google Custom Search Engine (or Google CSE) results pages include advertisements, under the heading “sponsored links”, selected based on typed keywords. These ads come from AdWords campaigns and allow the webmaster to generate advertising revenue while providing a custom search engine to site visitors.

Origin of ads

The ads come from AdWords campaigns. An advertising campaign is made by an account for one or more ads. The customer defines a list of keywords or groups of keywords to determine which pages where ads appear.

Moreover, it is possible to allocate different costs per clicked keyword. Advertisers are competing to show their message first. More amounts are high (cost per click keyword allocated and allotted to the maximum campaign budget), more often and better position the advertisement is displayed.

Contextual ads

Unlike other contextual ad services, AdSense is not based on a single word, but more, and is trying to find common ground between them to determine the meaning of the content of a text.

For example, imagine that the AdSenserobot, Mediabot, wants to analyze the following content:

Python offers easy way to develop cross-platform applications.

Mediabot will detect key phrases such as Python, develop, and cross-platform applications, for which it will determine in which areas they are related:

  • Python: Mythology, Reptile, and Computer
  • develop: Computers, Physics, and Moral
  • multi-platform applications: Computers

In this example, the common point is the domain membership of Computers, and thus redo the analysis in reverse, allowing AdSense associate here Python with programming language and thus retain ads related to Python programminglanguage. That is if the keywords have many commonalities, AdSense will not know what topic to select, and therefore it will display ads from a more general topic that can attract more users.

Webmasters who provide advertising space to advertisers through Google can collect whether income per thousand page impressions, or revenue for each click on an ad of a visitor of the site. The revenue per click depends on how much the advertiser is willing to give for it, obviously defined at the time of providing the advertisement.


Google AdSense uses JavaScript technology. Therefore, the ads are not displayed when JavaScript is disabled on the user’s browser. In addition, there are also systems blocking advertisements, as extensions to browser software or specific.

This is prohibited by the terms and conditions of Google, but the proportion of clicks on ads by robots is important. Indeed, there is software to download to automate clicks. This threatens the advertising for which payment depends on the number of clicks.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is a manager of online advertising campaigns for websites allowing website publishers to manage their different ad campaigns, identifying areas on their websites and allowing the selection and rotation of the best advertisements.

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