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Growth hacking

Growth hacking is an e-marketing technique to accelerate the development of start-ups.

Concept imported from the United States, it allows startups to optimize their product and their ability to grow through innovative and original marketing techniques.

It is performed by a growth hacker.

Growth hacking is, at the end of 2014, a publishing phenomenon in the United States. The term was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis. A dozen books have been published on the subject in a little over a year.

The US business magazine Forbes has just devote 10 articles in 2 years, from the princeps article belonging to Andy Johns, “Is Growth Hacking Nonsense?“, Forbes, December 14, 2012, to that of Tom Post, “Growth Hacking Secrets From Silicon Alley’s First Billionaire,” Forbes, August 11, 2014.

The growth hacking concept is used, inter alia, by e-services companies such as Airbnb, Facebook, Dropbox, Groupon, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Shutterstock (which under the leadership of its president established a culture of growth hacking) Twitter, Udemy, YouTube, etc.

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