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Hollywood Poker

The origins of this game are unknown but it can be found at the kitchen tables across the Canadian Prairies


  • Chips
  • 3+ Decks
  • 2+ Players


There are players and the dealer, both of which pivotal to game play. PLAYERS: participate in every game DEALER: the dealer only plays in games specified. They also play house and make up any differences. Position moves to the left each round.

Game Play

Dealer gives five cards to everyone face down.

I. Red Black Each player bets whether the majority of cards is red or black, if all are one type the bet is doubled.

II. Poker Dealers deals house hand face down. Players place bets against the house only.

III. Bingo Dealer calls bingo cards while players put one chip on every card called. The winner(s) get all chips placed on the cards

IV. Put & Take Dealer flips cards (one at a time); first puts in one, second puts in two… and then first takes one, second takes two… the dealer makes up the difference

V. Counting Dealer flips cards from deck counting out loud (ace, two, three…). If a card flipped matches the verbal card, players give the amount on the card (Jack eleven, Queen twelve, King thirteen)

End Of Game

As soon as a player runs out of chips the player is out of the game. If the game is called short the player with the most chip wins.

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