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Important Facts to Know About Education in Spain

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Spain has invested a lot of money to make reforms in its educational system. According to various reports, the system has improved greatly in the last few decades. Most reforms have been in both primary and secondary education to ensure that students receive a strong foundation. Additionally, the authorities are planning to have an educational system that allows the Spanish people to fit in anywhere in the world.

Most students in institutions of higher learning can now enjoy state-of-the-art state schools and integration with digital resource platforms. This is thanks to great digital libraries and resource websites like El Rincón del Vago, which has helpful materials for the completion of school assignments and research papers. Below are important facts about the educational system in Spain.

Education Is Compulsory

The Fundamental Law of Education in Spain requires all children to attend school. This law applies to those who are below the age of 16 years. Basically, the primary education is the starting point, and one will have to complete 6 years. Secondary school education, which is also compulsory, takes 4 years. Both are free, and a certificate of completion is awarded after completing them. The state has enough schools to accommodate both the local people and foreigners who are living in the country.

State School Enrollment

There is no uniformity in how children and other students are admitted to state schools. Some reports show that some areas have detailed entry requirements while others have lenient ones. This has a direct impact on which school districts individual families find best suited to their children.

Additionally, these different areas teach in different languages. While the majority teach the kids in Spanish, some will use the local dialects like Valencian and Catalan. This also influences where people choose to live, depending on the language they prefer for their kids.

Choice of Schools in Spain

All local schools in Spain are free. This is where the majority of kids attend from primary to secondary education. Since the local schools teach in Spanish, foreigners often opt for the international schools, which are available in the country. These schools teach in English or any other language, depending on the needs of the children or region. The international schools are not free because they are not a government initiative. Their charges vary depending on many factors that any other private institution would put into consideration.

Effect of the 2008 Financial Crisis

Spain was hit by a financial crisis in 2008. One of the greatly affected sectors was education. Around this time, some families could not afford a good education for their kids while other kids dropped out of school. Even though the government is doing all it can to improve the educational facilities and enact reforms that make obtaining a quality education easier, the effect of the crisis can be felt to date. Most young people have not had good jobs while others are completely jobless. Again, most are struggling to find their place in the international employment environment unless they advance their education outside the country.

With the above facts about the educational system in Spain, people wishing to stay in the country will be better informed about the educational options available for their children.

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