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International Translation Day

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Sfântul Ieronim, sfântul patron al traducătorilor şi enciclopediştilor
Sfântul Ieronim, sfântul patron al traducătorilor şi enciclopediştilor

Date: 30 September
Frequency: annual

The International Translation Day is celebrated every year in principle on September 30 at the feast of St. Jerome, the translator of the Bible, considered the patron saint of translators.

FIT (International Federation of Translators) celebrates this festival since its founding in 1953.

In 1991, it launched the idea of an International Translation Day officially recognized to show the solidarity of the community of translators around the world and o promote the translation business in different countries.

On the occasion of this celebration, UNESCO and the United Nations require Member States to support the initiative and protect the wealth of languages in the world because, in the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity “Cultural Diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature.”

This is an opportunity to show your pride in belonging to a profession that is increasingly essential in the era of globalization.

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