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Italy: Rome starts today fingerprinting the gypsies

This is the first time after the World War II when a government initiate an ID action based on racial criteria. During the next 48 hours, Rome’s authorities will fingerprint about 10,000 gypsies, helped by the Italian Red Cross.

In accordance with ANSA agency, about one hundred employees of the Red Cross will help the policemen to collect data related on civil state, health, and to make photos of the gypsies.

The resulting database will be manage by the Red Cross, in the future.

Same time, the authorities will “census the gypsy children from the school to evaluate there level of knowledge”.

The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini, suggest a database of the European Union for the fingerprints and ADN of the gypsy children that lives in the nomad camps. “The best way to protect these children is to give them an ID, to give them the right to health assistance and education,” explained Franco Frattini. So, there has to be developed “an European database with the name, fingerprint, and ADN data of all these children, for a safer life for them…. If EU will not adopt this solution of the fingerprinting and ADN, …. Italy will adopt it anyway“.

The European Commission asked for a report from the Rome authorities till the end of this month, in order to evaluate the legality of these measures.

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