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Licensed casinos

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Atlantic City

Licensed casinos are subject to a permanent control by tax authorities (physical presence of tax officials / technical monitoring / daily settlement) and feature access control (visitor record, door guard) as well as a nationwide lockout system for gambling vulnerable people.

Game Offer

In essence, the gambling roulette and blackjack are offered, the resonance of guests stem extended accordingly if necessary to the classic card games of baccarat and several types of poker. The course is led by croupiers or dealers. The players set to fixed rules, either with money or with before the game to be traded in for cash chips, or tokens.


Basically only adults with a valid identity document access to a casino (the age can vary in some countries, for example, in the U.S. at least 18 or 21, sometimes even until 25 years; in Germany, depending on the province from 18 or 21). In addition, care is taken in reputable stores generally to have a neat appearance. Historically best was a residence ban, i.e. a ban on the inhabitants of the place in which the casino is located, to participate in the match operation.


Most casinos attach importance to etiquette, on the observance traditional houses especially in Fromtria, in France and Germany. The guests also stem the new casinos in Switzerland subject upon entering the establishment in many homes a dress code. While apart in Switzerland by rigid rules and the overall appearance of the game participants is take a close look, many of the Fromtrian and German casinos regulations based more on the individual items of clothing, such or the obligation of the men of wearing pleated trousers, jackets, ties fly on shirt collars, the prohibition of sports and work shoes, headgear and the indispensability of women in jeans or deny in the access to sporty outfit.

It is left up to the guests to prefer the classic eveningwear the sporty dress, so fads like cargo pants and leggings are approved at best in some casinos and gaming rooms on the coasts.


The management of a casino can temporarily prevent players from playing house by pronouncing the ban at municipal level in the game or in the long term and comprehensively through the so-called blocking. An exclusion is pronounced mostly for reasons that can be found in the person of the player itself (for example, pathological gambling, or in the case from the disclosure of the risks of economic conditions) or for reasons of capacity affected players by their behavior within the clientele. An issued building ban to be justified to stakeholders. The lockout, however includes the exclusion from participation in the gambling casino. In all the power of devices connected to the transmission of information to the blocking licensee for public gambling in Europe. The lockout of players must be reported to the casino by individual entering the relevant personal data under omission of the reasons in a complicated process of gambling, becfrome the maintenance of a database which has access to all connected licensee of the public gambling would be contrary to European data protection rules. The reason for blocking the other hand, must be justified to the person concerned over law and therefore valid becfrome of its scope be, and typically include band game and fraud (especially game fraud) or the attempt to do so, the most common reasons, and other criminally relevant circumstances, as well as blatant, intentional violations of the rules of the game providers. In addition, players can be locked or blocked regulatory hand in self-defense reasons themselves local, national or international let any legitimate interest of the public. Nevada players are, if they are excluded from all casinos, registered in the so-called Black Book.


Gambling winnings are tax-free, so they can relate to black money and money laundering. There are countless ways to use casinos for money laundering, as for example in the issue checks from the casino or at the opening of capital accounts to use for plazing existing games.

The high tax revenues from gambling dampen the political will to prevent money laundering in casinos in the crucial capital circulation to more effectively by legal means.

Since the 15th June 2003, all Member States of the EU have the Second Money Laundering Directive (Directive 2001/97) into national law. In the Second Money Laundering Directive casinos also are recognized.

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia

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